Gülün – Allulli – De Raymondi


Longtime friendship of Marcello Allulli, Emanuele de Raymondi, and Selen Gülün led the three

musicians to come together and create this multicultural project. As it took a few years to

complete the album, the music in KAPI is the result of many layers of time, travels, places, and

experiences. Through real teamwork, each of the compositions found their deeper soul.

Emanuele de Raymondi had already begun to compose some of the pieces in this album and

wanted to record Marcello Allulli’s saxophone playing to create samples to build up original

sketches. When they dreamed about the future sound together, they thought Selen Gülün’s

piano playing and vocal timber would fit just perfectly to this music, and asked her to join the

project. Creating and performing music separately with Marcello and Emanuele before, Selen

found the idea charming and the project started. When they met in Rome in March 2013, Selen

and Marcello brought ideas to the prepared compositional sketches, helping to shape the pieces

with their musical voices. Any time the trio had the chance to come together to perform, they

used these original forms as sketches to improvise, and to layer more sounds and ideas on top.

Finally, they recorded the album live in Istanbul in February 2015 at the Bilgi University Music

studios. They also recorded some of Selen and Marcello’s compositions.





SELEN GÜLÜN – piano, electric piano, synthesizer, voice
EMANUELE DE RAYMONDI – electric guitar, electronics